The Di Camillo Family; Di Camillo Baking Co., Inc. by Marcia Buzzelli

Di Camillo Baking Co., Inc.
By Marcia M. Buzzelli

The Baking Company was started in 1920 by Tomaso and his wife, Addolorata Di Camillo at 565 14th Street in Niagara Falls, NY.

Tomasso and wife
Tomasso and wife
DOC031714-03172014170523-0003 (2)
Marriage, St. Mary’s church

Today the company is run by second, third and fourth generation members of the Di Camillo family. Three of their 12 children have survived: Joseph, Teresa Hargrave and Angela Di Camillo. Teresa and Angelica continue to go to the office on Linwood Avenue, where the bakery is currently located. Tomaso’s grandsons David, Thomas, Francis (Skip), and Michael compose the executive officers. Cousins and grandsons are working together and doing everything from baking to sales.

Tomaso Di Camillo, the son of Francesco Di Camillo and Euphemia Ferrara, left his home in Villamagna, Chieti, Abruzzo in Italy in 1897. He went to Quebec and after one year emigrated to Niagara Falls, NY. His wife, the former Addolorata Iannotti born in Ari, Chieti, Abruzzo, and raised in Villamagna in Italy, came to the United States and to Niagara Falls in 1903. Tomaso and Addolorata were married at St. Mary’s Church on September 20, 1903.

They became the proud parents of 12 children, 5 boys and 7 girls. The first baby buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery was an 18 month old Anthony DiCamillo. The three oldest girls and their mother opened a grocery store on 14th Street, where the father and his sons baked bread in the basement. The baked breads were delivered to their neighbors, using horse-drawn wagons.

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All of the boys, found themselves working in the Bakery. Of the girls, three became nuns, three married and one remained single. One daughter, Asunta married and ran a gift shop in the town of Pittsford outside Rochester for several years returning to Niagara Falls in 1979. Son, Thomas, married and started working as a driver.  He later became retail store manager. He and his wife had 2 daughters; one continues to work at the bakery, Betty King.  Son, Frank was the first CEO of the company.  He  had 4 sons, who run the company now. David is CEO, bothers Tom, Skip, Michael are Vice Presidents.   A daughter, Ann married and had 4 sons.  Brother Nicholas married and had twins: a boy and girl. He started as a driver and then was a master baker from 1920 to 2001. His son, Jim has followed in his footsteps after having a career retired to work at the bakery.  Son, Joseph was a driver, master baker and sales manager from 1930 to 1971. He married and had 2 sons.  Angelica, a daughter that recently celebrated her 90th birthday continues to work in the office of the company. Having started in the grocery store her mother ran, she works in the retail store as office manager.  Teresa also continues to work in the office. Teresa married Frank Hargrave and they have 2 children.  She started to work in the bakery at age 13, and in 1938 became the office manager.

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Tomaso died in 1941 and his children, grandchildren and great- grand children continued to run the company.
From 14th Street the business was moved to 467 20th Street from 1942 to 1976 where bread, pizza and donuts were baked until 1976 when the bakery was moved to 811 Linwood Ave. With the advent of cars they had trucks delivering the bread.

DOC031714-03172014170523-0004 (5)
A pastry store and bakery was opened at 531 Third Street in Niagara Falls from 1953 to 1976 years. Son, Nicholas, a master baker, did the pastry baking here.

Today, the company has grown with retail stores on Linwood Avenue, Niagara Falls Blvd, Pine Avenue, Lewiston and Williamsville, NY. In 1979, grandson, Michael Di Camillo opened a Gourmet Department, which continues to this day. Di Camillo’s products can be found in many cities around the United States. As printed in the Niagara Gazette December 1, 2013, popular DiCamillo gifts are in tins or ceramic jars of biscotti or cookies—Several of which are featured in the famous Neiman Marcus mail order catalog.


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  1. wonderful story you are all blessed /my last name is villamagna joe. our parents came from vasto in 1956 and settled in toronto/ both my grandfathers originally came in 1904 and helped build the railway through your washington mother and fathers dads went back to italy around 1915 but my dads brother stayed married a new york city women and stayed there. in a time where it seems as if all is fast and throwaway us italians still find a way to hold on to values tradition and family…. how great is that i remember my uncle from long island would always end a telephone conversation with god bless america

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